Divorce 101, Part 11: Keeping Children in Mind Through the Divorce Process

Divorce 101, Part 11: Keeping Children in Mind Through the Divorce Process

Keeping Children in Mind Through the Divorce Process

We realize that putting your kids and family first during the divorce process is most important.  How will they best be supported? What will best serve your children?  How can they thrive? Developing a suitable parenting plan and understanding representation for your children are essential.

Putting Kids first from the Beginning

Determining what’s best for your children at the end of the process is often too late. You should be thinking about them before you begin this process and keeping them in mind throughout. Custody and parenting time is something that is unique to each family, so a parenting plan that works for one family, may not work for another.

Envision Their Future

Regarding your children and having the best possible relationship after the divorce – envision an important future event like your child’s graduation or wedding day. What do you want that day to look like from their perspective? Is it a day where they are thankful and happy because their parents are amicable and can get along – therefore focused on offering love, appreciation and support. Or conversely, is it a day where your child has apprehension and anxiety for weeks leading up to the event?

Collaborative Law and Mediation are likely the best pathways for children

These approaches, which keep you out of the courtroom, are often the very best paths when children are involved. Co-parenting and visitation decisions are made collectively by each parent, based on an understanding and the best interest of the kids.