Daylyn Siejak

People always ask, “so, why did you become an attorney?”  Well, after graduating high school, I was set on a path to go into medicine, with a focus in pediatrics.  I knew I wanted to be the person someone could count on, especially when all hope was lost.  After having a change of heart midway through my undergraduate program, I accepted an internship with a Supreme Court Justice. It was this experience that changed my direction to the practice of law indefinitely.

Over the past eight years I have worked alongside experienced attorneys who have practiced in many different areas, such as personal injury, labor law and employment, commercial litigation, social security disability, and divorce and family.   For most of those areas, procedure and case law will bring forth the result.  Whereas, in divorce and family matters, there is no “one size fits all” pathway or resolution.  Family units are unique and should be treated as so.  With my background in psychology and experience in handling divorce and family matters, I have developed a skillset which allows me to create solutions for your family in ways that “fit” your family’s circumstances.  As an attorney, I feel it is important that I help guide my clients to a resolution that takes into consideration the bonds formed, the traditions established and ensure at the end of the day, that the family unit is maintained.

I earned my BA degree from Canisius College (Buffalo, NY) and my JD from the University at Buffalo’s School of Law.