Kevin Clark

Kevin is a seasoned attorney specializing in both Matrimonial and Family Law, as well as Estate Planning. He has spent his career refining and offering a constructive way to resolve disputes without resorting to traditional litigation. His dual degrees in law and business, earned at the University of St. Thomas School of Law and School of Business in Minneapolis, provide a strong foundation for his comprehensive and empathetic legal practice.

In his family law practice, Kevin assists clients in making informed decisions for their families, emphasizing cooperation and mutual respect. His experience and passion in Collaborative Law and mediation ensures that clients can navigate the complexities of divorce and family matters with dignity and without the threat of courtroom battles.

As an Estate Planning attorney, Kevin is dedicated to helping clients secure their financial futures and protect their assets. He educates clients on a range of estate planning options, from simple wills to living trusts and Medicaid asset protection. Kevin’s extensive education and experience enable him to offer personalized and effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Kevin is passionate about empowering families to make the best choices for their futures. Whether guiding clients through the divorce process or crafting comprehensive estate plans, he is committed to providing the advice and compassionate support people want and deserve.