Jamie Bakleh

Whenever someone asks me what field I work in, I proudly say divorce law. I began my education at the University at Buffalo, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. I went on to Penn State Dickinson Law, where I obtained my Juris Doctorate degree.

While interning at a matrimonial law firm in Long Island, I helped clients ease into a new life and supported them while they faced issues like separation, divorce, and child custody disputes. The ability to support our clients, have them confide in me, and bring in a psychology and counseling aspect into my work life…it’s what I had been missing all along. I knew this practice was my passion.

I tailored all of my coursework towards family law and children’s advocacy, volunteered my time at our Pro-Bono Family Law legal services clinic, and even worked at a private family law firm in Pennsylvania to further immerse myself in the field. Since day one, I have been all in on family law. Working in family law gives me the unique opportunity to counsel and advocate for my clients today while helping them take action to shape a better tomorrow.